The GREEN FLAME Series covers all facets of today’s demanding commercial cooking environment. With the safety enhanced electronic on-demand ignition system, eliminating tremendous costs while continuing to deliver unsurpassed quality and dependability the GREEN FLAME Range manufactured by American Range is the only real option.

American Range the brand of choice among professional chefs and restaurateurs worldwide.

Ceramic Electrode

Smart ignition system delivers sparks to selected burners on demand – sensing the current state of the burner and relighting should the burner lose flame.

Oven Burner

The high efficiency oven burner also is equipped with an independent PBEIS that monitors flame and automatically lights and relights to precisely maintain oven temperature.

American Star

High efficiency, 25,000 BTU/hr burner is removable for easy cleaning, American StarTM burners are designed to distribute flames efficiently regardless of pot or pan used.

Standard Oven

  • PBEIS – Pilotless Burner Electronic Ignition System, on all burners.
  • Welded front frame provides greater stability.
  • Stainless steel door is easily removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Two Oven sizes: 20″ wide oven with 27,000 BTU and a 26-1/2″ wide oven with 35,000 BTU.
  • Two chrome plated rackx provided, 2 rack positions.
  • The exclusive extra-large cooking cavity accommodates a full size sheet pan front to back 26-1/2″ wide x 22-1/2″ deep x 13-1/2″ high oven cavity.

Innovection Oven

  • Innovection™ Convection Oven Technology combines forced-air convection cooking (standard oven) and forced convection cooking. A low speed fan, positioned strategically at the back of the oven, draws and circulates hot air from the oven burners (vented through our patented baffled oven interior) to ensure an even, heat distribution pattern.
  • Low speed blower motor circulates heat to provide uniform heating pattern
    (120 VAC, 1 Ph. 1/2 amp).
  • Patented baffled oven interior insures even heat distribution.

Convection Oven

  • A Convection Oven has a large fan centrally positioned at the back to improve heat transfer – creating uniform oven performance and a shorter cook time.
  • Specially designed air flow baffle for even heat distribution throughout the oven. With a 1/4″ HP, 1725 RPM blower motor (120 VAC, 60HZ, 1 Ph. 5 amp).
  • PBEIS – Pilotless Burner Electronic Ignition System with 30,000 BTU burner.
  • Pilot “on” indicator light.
  • One hour manual timer.
  • Three position switch for cooking or cool down modes.
  • High efficiency, reliable thermostat ranging from 250°F to 500°F (121°C to 260°C).
  • Two chrome plated racks provided, 2 rack positions.